Don’t Set Resolutions, Set Goals – FREE Goal Planner

Instead of setting resolutions this year, set goals! Resolutions are way over-rated anyways. How many people really follow through with them?

It seems like every year I set all of these resolutions…. I’m going to work out 5 times a week“,
I’m going to do 3 loads of laundry EVERY DAY“, “I’m going to cook healthier meals for my family“, “I’m going to do that 365 project“… but I never follow through, and I feel like a failure.

You too? Why don’t we ever follow through with our resolutions?

I’ll tell you why, resolutions are not goals. Resolutions are just “talk”, they aren’t clearly laid out plans. When you set a goal you need a plan to achieve that goal, otherwise you’ll just wander around never accomplishing anything.

I designed a new tool to help me set, track, and achieve my goals and I’m sharing it with you for FREE!!

Don't Set Resolutions, Set Goals - FREE Goal Planner

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How to Print Half Size Planner Pages

“How do I print half size planner pages?”

This is one of the most common questions I receive about the half-size 2015 Daily Planner. Most people are intimidated to print half size pages because it takes quite a bit of thought to figure out how to get the correct pages to print on the back side so everything lines up correctly. When I designed the half size 2015 Daily Planner, I did all of the hard work for you! The file is set up so it’s very easy for you to print, cut, and assemble.

In the following video I explain:

  • Why the pages appear to be out of order when you first look at the .PDF.
  • The printer settings to select so everything prints correctly.
  • How to print double-sided if your printer is not capable of double-sided printing.
  • How to cut and assemble the pages.

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2015 Daily Planner is here!

The 2015 Daily Planner is here and it’s loaded with features that you’ll love. Say goodbye to sticky notes and multiple to-do lists. This planner is the perfect planning tool to help you organize your life and schedule.

Are you a mom, a student, a creative business owner, an entrepreneur, a blogger, or a coach that needs to find more hours in the day? The Nifty Planner will help you lessen the chaos and find more hours to do the important things.

Let’s take a look at the features that will help you make it happen & get more done….


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